Anna Christie

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October 12th Performance conducted by Mark Shapiro

The sea is a powerful symbol in Anna Christie, and Eugene O'Neill, having lived by the docks in New York City's waterfront, was acquainted with the sailors, booze, saloons, and night life that he wrote about with such passion and authenticity.

Abandoned by her father when she was only five years old, Anna suffered a life of hardship and carries a dark secret from her past. An emotionally charged reunion with her father, a captain of a coal barge, intensifies when a merchant sailor is pulled from the cold, dark waters of the Atlantic on a foggy night. When the fog clears, Anna, the sailor, and her father are caught in a riveting struggle between love and the sea, changing their lives forever.

Meet the Cast

Frank Basile Jonathan Estabrooks Joy Hermalyn Melanie Long Mike Pirozzi

“....Anna Christie is emotionally and musically thrilling... the performers are outstanding.”
Talkin’ Broadway
-written by James Wilson
“....reasserts the power of big, bold emotions and postromantic melodic opulence in contemporary opera.”
- written by Josh Rosenblum

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Edward Thomas Joseph Masteroff Nancy Rhodes Julian Wachner