Paradigm Shifts 2019

The screening of a unique and trailblazing film launched the Encompass 2019 Paradigm Shifts Music and Film Festival. This educational-outreach program focused on women who have contributed boundary-breaking research and new paradigm-thinking in the fields of science and the arts, while bringing awareness and knowledge of the interconnections of all life on our planet.

On Saturday, March 16 at 2:00 pm, Encompass in association with The Church of the Ascension presented the premiere screening in New York City of the new film by award-winning filmmaker
John Feldman:

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Bill Blakemore, veteran journalist and ABC foreign correspondent and climate change expert writes: “An astonishingly important, deeply transformative, and original film—historic in fact. Its momentous news that all biological life (including ours) succeeds not by competition buy by collaboration, offers ways to resolve even our devastating global climate emergency.”

Professor Margulis traveled and networked with collaborators around the world on ideas of symbiosis among all living things from bacteria to Gaia. Many of these world-famous scientists and thinkers are in the film. Embracing the depth of our relationship to all of nature, Lynn Margulis often quoted Chief Seattle, “The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth.”