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IMMIGRANT FAMILIES TOGETHER is a rapid response group of volunteers who galvanized around the crisis provoked by the Zero Tolerance policy. Founded in New York City in June 2018, this growing network of Americans raise money to bond out parents and re-unite them with their children; they provide legal, medical, housing, clothing, and food for families as they proceed through their legal cases. They support over 100 reunited families while they recover from their detention trauma.


The true story of a young mother from Guatemala whose children were taken from her and sent thousands of miles away after the President’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy went into effect. In total, more than 2,300 children were separated from their parents. The President has since ordered a stop to that practice, and a court has said that migrant families must be brought back together. From Texas to New York, an underground railroad of women journey with Yeni Gonzalez in this emotional film.

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Meet Julie Schwietert Collazo, Co-founder


Julie Schwietert Collazo is a creative arts therapist, writer, editor, translator, and formerly, a social worker. She founded, along with her husband, Francisco Collazo, IMMIGRANT FAMILIES TOGETHER in response to the inhumane immigration policy separating families at the U.S./Mexico border. The organization pays bonds for parents in detention and works to reunite them with their children.

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Journey Within a Journey, premiered at the Asia Society in New York City and won the Best Script and Narration Award at the International film Festival in Portugal, as well as the Director’s Citation Award at the Black Maria Film Festival in New Jersey. A full-length feature film about life, death, and transformation, filmed entirely in Kerala, India, Neogy’s personal quest to seek understanding and renewal after the death of her father, resulted in a film that magically transports her audience to the ancient truths of her homeland.

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Manoshi Chitra Neogy, filmmaker, poet, performer, and author seeks to push the envelope of artistic expression. She has directed numerous documentaries and short films which have led to accolades for her intrepid films across the globe, including the acclaimed short Woman-Self, which received the Award for Best Rendition of Poetry in Motion and for Best Director at the South Asian Film Festival in NYC, the Festival of Vision in Colorado, the Women’s Film Festival in France, and the International short film festival in Montreal, and the docu-narrativeJourney within a Journey. She teaches Film as a Transformative Art at New York University, where she is known for her passion in helping her students emerge from themselves and into their own warrior’s walk. She is the author of Blood Words, A Warrior’s Walk, which was published in 2017.

  Paradigm Shifts 2019

The screening of a unique and trailblazing film launched the Encompass 2019 Paradigm Shifts Music and Film Festival. This educational-outreach program focused on women who have contributed boundary-breaking research and new paradigm-thinking in the fields of science and the arts, while bringing awareness and knowledge of the interconnections of all life on our planet.

On Saturday, March 16 at 2:00 pm, Encompass in association with The Church of the Ascension presented the premiere screening in New York City of the new film by award-winning filmmaker
John Feldman:

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Bill Blakemore, veteran journalist and ABC foreign correspondent and climate change expert writes: “An astonishingly important, deeply transformative, and original film—historic in fact. Its momentous news that all biological life (including ours) succeeds not by competition buy by collaboration, offers ways to resolve even our devastating global climate emergency.”

Professor Margulis traveled and networked with collaborators around the world on ideas of symbiosis among all living things from bacteria to Gaia. Many of these world-famous scientists and thinkers are in the film. Embracing the depth of our relationship to all of nature, Lynn Margulis often quoted Chief Seattle, “The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth.”