The Astronaut’s Tale traces a young man’s life from his first experience of loss, his dog killed by a car, the appearance of a mysterious Einstein-like guide, his youthful desire to become an astronaut, marriage, and the fulfillment of his ambition.

The setting is our own time with its confrontation of science and religion. The opera concludes with a meditation on the nature of the cosmos and our experience of life and death within. The Astronaut’s dream was to be in outer space, but our afterlife is in the inner space where we dream. 

Listen to Encompass' Nancy Rhodes interviewed on FQXi Community about The Theory of Everything and The Astronaut's Tale, March 30, 2012: The Sound of Physics.

Charles Fussell, Composer
Jack Larson, Librettist
Nancy Rhodes, Stage Director
Mara Waldman, Music Director/Conductor
Tony Bellomy, Pianist
Eric Fuqua, Stage Manager


Christopher Vettel (Narrator)
Eapen Leubner (Abel, known as Ab)
Brittany Palmer (Ann)
Frank Basile (Old Man, Peccavit, the Peddler)

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